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Never fall short of meeting your customer’s VoIP or connection needs and earn commission at the same time.
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Earn Commission on Referrals

Earn one off comission payments or recurring monthly amounts.

No Minimum Commitment

We hate minimum referral targets or commitments, so we don’t have them!

No upfront Costs

There’s no cost to sign up for our partner scheme unless you’d like dual branding.

How does the Partner Scheme work?


Amelix Initiate Partner Scheme

Perfect for people who’d like to earn one off chunks of commission in exchange for introducing a client to Amelix Telecom.

When someone you introduce to us signs up, we’ll pay you their monthly bill as a one-off payment.

It’s so simple, if someone’s bill is £150 a month, we’ll pay you £150 in commission.

Amelix Integrate Partner Scheme

Perfect for partners who are looking to benefit from a monthly percentage revenue commission.

These payments last for as long as the customer stays with Amelix Telecom (and we have incredible retention rates!).

The integrate partner scheme offers a full days training on Amelix Telecoms products and services.

White label Partner Scheme

If you would like a fully white labelled partnership, we can facilitate this for you.

There’ll be a one-off fee to rebrand our portal for your company and for enahnced training on the system.

You’ll need to bill for the system yourself and we will take a direct debit from you each month for our costs.

Amelix Bill

We bill your customer VIA Direct Debit and generate a statement for you which you can invoice us. Your customers will see Amelix Telecom on their bank statement and the invoicing will be on the Amelix Brand.

We take all the payments and handle all credit control for you, so you don’t need to worry about anything.


You Bill

If you’d like more control, you can bill your customers yourself and handle your own credit control and systems. Perfect for those who want their company name on bank statements and bills.

We would set up a direct debit mandate with you so we can take our costs from your account on a monthly basis.


Dual branding is available for a one-off fee – we’ll show both our logos on all invoices (not including direct debit).

From £10.00 a month (ex VAT) we can answer phone calls regarding the system in your company name and handle any support queries under your brand.


About Amelix Telecom

Amelix Telecom is part of the Amelix Group of companies based in Kent which places good honest value at the heart of what it does.

We are trying to reshape the way Telecoms is sold in the UK by cutting the small print and putting customers on short contracts, the way we see it is if our service is good enough customers won’t want to go.

When you sign up as an Amelix Telecom Partner you’ll have a dedicated partnership contact who will be your point of contact for any questions, or leads you want to place.

Our products are fantastic value for money and our customer service is top notch. Our UK call centre is open 9am – 5.30pm week days so you and your contacts will never be without support.

All our tariffs are clear and simple, so you and your customers know exactly where you stand.

What is Hosted PBX?

So, you may have heard people talking about VOIP or Hosted PBX, but what does it all mean?

Well, very simply, hosted telephony works in the same way as a traditional phone system but without expensive hardware or the need for any hard wiring, in fact, it uses an internet connection for the lines and the main system is put in a cloud. The calls are made using VoIP (Voice over IP). This means the system can be changed instantly, as the "hardware" is now on the internet rather than on a telephone pole.

The fact that a system is not static and does not require any hard wiring like traditional phone systems means the possibilities are endless and can grow with businesses without any disruption. It also allows businesses that operate from multiple sites to link up better or businesses that have lots of people working from home can plug their phone into a router and be on the office switchboard.

We can add and remove lines (channels) in minutes giving your business complete flexibility. The sysyem offers businesses of all sizes features that were once the preserve of large organisations that had systems which cost tens of thousands of pounds. We add to the system all the time so if there is something you would like that is not on our system tell us and if we think it will be useful we will make it for you.

Want to know more? We've created a video to explain VoIP and Hosted PBX in more detail.

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