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How will the system help my Small Business?

1. It will save you money

Compared to a traditional phone system, Hosted PBX systems are much cheaper. On an average BT phoneline you’ll save about £10.50 a month per line!

2. Professionalism

Using your mobile number for a new business is a money-saving short-term solution. However, it does make your business appear small. Swap to a landline to prime for growth.

3. Work Life Balance

At the flick of a button you can turn off business calls on your mobile while keeping personal calls active. Your customers will be asked to leave a message that gets emailed to you.

4. Free Recorded Messages

Set up a recorded “press 1 for this, press 2 for that” menu. Not only does this get the calls to the right person, but it makes your business seem much, much bigger.

UK Based Call Centre

Our support team is based in our head office in Kent and our support mailbox and phoneline are manned 9-5.30 Mon-Fri.

No Need for Deskphones

There’s no need to purchase expensive hardware. Simply download an app and Voila! A landline number on a mobile phone.

Grows with your Business

The system grows as you do. You can add phonelines, users, voicemails at the click of a button. Start small knowing you can grow big.

Benefits of Small Businesses Phone Systems

Save Money
Hosted PBX systems are cheaper than traditional phone lines.

Why are they cheaper? Well, it’s using a technology you’re already paying for. So rather than buying new phone lines for a traditional system you use the internet which is already installed.

Also, there isn’t as much manpower required, as you aren’t paying for engineer time to come and install a line just for your phone system. The engineering time is shared between all the other people using the same “cloud” system.

Finally, it’s a culture issue, internet phone calls are cheaper because the companies who sell the calls generally charge less than traditional phone system providers. We’re not completely sure why, but we fully support it. We want you to get the best deal possible!

Look Professional
Using your mobile number for a new business is a money-saving short-term solution. However, it does make your business appear small. Swap to a landline and you immediately seem bigger to prospective clients.

Don’t worry, you can still answer calls on your mobile from that landline number. We use a fantastic app which can be turned on and off to allow your mobile to ring when your landline number is called. Amazing right?

Pick any area code
You’re not tied to a physical location so you can pick any area code you like. Or you can buy several numbers each with a different area code. Would you like an 0800 number for your accounts queries and a local number for bookings? No problem at all.
Recorded Menus
Set up a recorded “press 1 for this, press 2 for that” menu at no extra cost. Not only does this get the calls to the right person, but it’s a seriously impressive piece of tech. Other free features include onhold music, queues, free calls within your business and more! Read more about the features of the system here.
Never Miss a Call
There’s nothing as frustrating as missing a call from a potential client. More often than not, if a customer gets through to a mobile answerphone message they won’t bother to leave a message. Hosted PBX has really handy features to fix this.

  • Fix no1. – set up a queue which invites your customer to wait until someone is available to pick up the call. Perfect if you’re on the other line!
  • Fix no2. – Invite your customer to leave a voicemail message. After hearing a business message before they ring through to your customers are more likely to leave a message.
Work-life Balance
Find that perfect work-life balance with an out of hours setup. Play a different welcome message when someone calls in outside of your opening times, inviting them to leave a message. You can even give the option for them to press 9 if their query is urgent and get through to you.

You can relax, knowing there is “you” time, safe in the knowledge you’ll never miss an opportunity.

Work Anywhere
The best thing about hosted PBX? It’s so flexible. You can work from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Juggling a small business is difficult enough as it is without being chained to your desk!

About Amelix Telecom

Amelix Telecom specialises in providing small business telephone systems in the UK. We supply phone systems, broadband and hosting solutions.

Our award winning platform provides a tailored solution that won’t only save you money, but will also provide you with a better insight into the calls you make and the data you use.

Amelix Telecom is part of the Amelix Group of companies based in Kent which places good honest value at the heart of what it does. We are trying to reshape the way Telecoms is sold in the UK by cutting the small print and putting customers on short contracts, the way we see it is if our service is good enough you won’t want to go.

Our mission is to provide top quality telecoms products at great value so that small businesses can access the benefits of fantastic connectivity.

What is Hosted PBX?

So, you may have heard people talking about VOIP or Hosted PBX, but what does it all mean?

Well, very simply, hosted telephony works in the same way as a traditional phone system but without expensive hardware or the need for any hard wiring, in fact, it uses an internet connection for the lines and the main system is put in a cloud. The calls are made using VoIP (Voice over IP). This means the system can be changed instantly, as the "hardware" is now on the internet rather than on a telephone pole.

The fact that a system is not static and does not require any hard wiring like traditional phone systems means the possibilities are endless and can grow with businesses without any disruption. It also allows businesses that operate from multiple sites to link up better or businesses that have lots of people working from home can plug their phone into a router and be on the office switchboard.

We can add and remove lines (channels) in minutes giving your business complete flexibility. The sysyem offers businesses of all sizes features that were once the preserve of large organisations that had systems which cost tens of thousands of pounds. We add to the system all the time so if there is something you would like that is not on our system tell us and if we think it will be useful we will make it for you.

Want to know more? We've created a video to explain VoIP and Hosted PBX in more detail.

Small Business Phone Systems – UK

Head Office

We’re passionate about service and are incredibly proud of our UK based call centres. You can reach them on 01227 282900 between 9 am and 5.30 pm from Monday to Friday. We also have a support mailbox ([email protected]) which is manned around the clock.

Our head office is based in Whistable, Kent, to see more about the other businesses within the Amelix Group check out our website here.

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