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Leased Lines – What’s all the fuss about?


Guaranteed Speeds

Unlike ADSL and FTTC/P connections, leased lines can offer guarenteed, faster speeds. Anytime, day or night, you’ll receive the same brilliantly fast broadband.



You’re upload and download speeds are the same. Which is perfect for businesses that use hosted PBX systems or heavily rely on cloud-based applications.


4-hour SLAs

With a leased line you get a four hour Service Level Agreement. That means that any fault (which are extrememly rare) must be fixed within 4 hours of notifying the carrier.


No Slow Downs

You don’t share bandwidth with anyone when you have a leased line. That means you won’t experience any rush hour slow downs. It’s the perfect solution for peak time businesses.

Leased Line Quote Guide

If you know what you’re looking for and simply want a leased line quotation click here to go to our leased line checker. However, if you’ve had a look and you’re not sure what the checker is asking for, read below for some handy definitions. Just incase, here’s the link to wikipedia’s page on leased lines.



The speed drop down on the quote tool is the speed you want on your leased line right from the beginning. This is a guarenteed speed as no one else is sharing the bandwidth. You can upgrade the speed at a later date, as long as it is less than the bearer.



The bearer is the maximum speed you can upgrade to in the future. Purchasing a leased line with a higher bearer than speed gives you the option to upgrade your connection as your business grows without needing to pay big bucks from day 1.



As we mentioned in the broadband page, there are different types of cables that broadband can run on. ADSL uses copper cables and FTTC/FTTP uses fibre optic cables. Leased lines can be either of these types of cables.



EFM stands for Ethernet First Mile. It runs on copper cables and can offer speeds up to 40mbps (although most business will only get up to 10mbps). It’s cheaper than the other types of leased lines, but slower as it uses copper cables.



Fibre leased lines provide the best internet connections available to businesses at this time. They can provide speeds of up to 1Gb, depending on what speed and bearer you choose.  This type of line is all fibre, so there is no drop in speed.



GEA stands for Generic Ethernet Access aka Ethernet over FTTC. It’s a bit of a mouthful! GEA is made up of both fibre and copper cables meaning it can acheive faster speeds of up to 20mbps upload and download. It’s a good midrange leased line option.

Why choose a leased line over traditional Broadband?

Well, there are many reasons to choose a leased line over traditional connections. However, due to the steep increase in price we know, it’s a tough decision.

Firstly, they are more reliable and have short service level agreements, that means issues are rare, and if they occur they’re fixed within a set number of hours. If the internet is business critical, a leased line is the back up you need.

It’s also fast, and never slows down, no matter how many people are using it.

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