If you’ve spent any time at all investigating whether or not install a fibre leased line, then you probably know one thing for certain. They’re a heck of a lot more expensive than a normal fibre connection.

So, you’d be right in asking if getting a fibre leased line worth it? Is it worth the price tag?

The answer is yes, they’re worth it. But only if you’re a business with lots of people using the internet all at once for business-critical operations.

Fibre Leased Line – Definition

 As with most things, Wikipedia is a great place to start. So, if you want to go right into the nuts and bolts of leased lines, click here.

Cost of a fibre leased line
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We asked our Amelix Geeks to come up with a simple definition too. Drumroll, please…..

Leased lines are dedicated internet connections that can only be used by your company. That means they’re faster, and more relaiable. They also come with servive level agreements which means if they break the provider HAS to fix them within a set number of hours.

Basically, there are no more slowdowns when lots of businesses/homes near you use the internet. If something breaks it has to get fixed within a certain amount of time.

So, if you’re a business that needs the internet to make money, a leased line is a great investment.

Fibre Leased Line – Benefits

To summarise, here are some of the benefits of a leased line.

  1. Speed – They’re really, super, mega fast as they use top of the range fibre technology
  2. Dedicated – They’re all yours – you don’t share them with anyone so you won’t slow down at busy times
  3. Reliable – They get fixed in a flash – leased lines are the only type of connection that has a timeframe on when the provider must fix them by. They go to the top of the Openreach support queue
  4. Symmetrical – They are symmetrical – that means that upload and download speeds are the same. Most broadband has a small upload limit, meaning leased lines are far better suited for VoIP or hosted PBX system.
  5. Future proof – As time goes on internet requirements keep increasing. A fibre leased line will ensure that you stay able to cope with any demand technology throws at you.

Growing team of a business using a fibre leased line
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So, that’s it. Our guide for when and why you should by a leased line.

In all honesty, they aren’t right for every business. However, if the internet is business critical, you have a hosted or VoIP phone system, or your internet slows at busy times, a leased line could be for you.

If you’re interested in finding how much a leased line will cost, why not use our leased line quote tool?

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