Amelix Telecom have been working on projects with charity Fields of Life for nearly two years now. Our latest project saw us facilitating a Skype conversation between Swalecliffe Primary School in Kent and Treasured Kids School in Kampala, Uganda. These two schools initially connected back in April 2013 when we piloted the Suitcase Challenge.

Their relationship has developed even further thanks to the Broadband that Amelix Telecom put in to the Treasured Kids School – the first school in a slum in Africa that is able to connect to the internet! The Skype call was able to happen due to the two iPads that were donated to Treasured Kids by Amelix Telecom and Swalecliffe. The children in Africa were still on their Christmas Holidays during the time arranged for the Skype however a large group of them put on their uniforms and headed in to school especially to speak to their friends at Swalecliffe. This wasn’t the only thing that shocked the pupils here in the UK; learning that some of the children in Africa spent 3 hours walking to and from school each day was just among one of the things that received stunned gasps.

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Both schools took it in turns to speak and answer questions as well sing each other a song. The interaction between the young people that was achieved during this conversation was invaluable; if you would like to help us connect schools in the UK with schools in East Africa why not do something amazing and switch your phone lines to Amelix Telecom. Swalecliffe School have recently signed up to our Save More Than Money tariff which not only saved them money on their phone bill but will enable them to continue growing their relationship with the Treasured Kids School thanks to 50% of our profits being donated to projects in East Africa.

Please either email [email protected] for more info or call 0844 801 9955. You can also check out

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